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2005 SEMA show

Las Vegas, Nevada November 1-4, 2005

Caliber Rallye Charger R/T 300C Royale 300C SRT-8
Dodge Magnum Viper ACR 1970 Challenger 392 Firepower concept

SEMA Grand Cherokee photos:  Grand Cherokee SRT-8, DUB edition and Decoma edition

SEMA Jeep Commander photos:  Jeep Commander ORV, Polar edition and DUB edition

DCX vehicles at SEMA:

2006 300C Royale edition with custom Santini paint
2006 300C Hurst edition
2006 300C SRT-8
1970 Barracuda
2007 Caliber Rallye edition
2006 Charger by Performance West
2006 Charger "Drift" edition
1968 Charger
1970 Challenger with 392 C.I. engine
2006 Commander ORRV edition
2006 Commander Polar Edition
2006 Commander DUB edition
2005 Firepower concept
2005 Grand Cherokee WH by Decoma
2006 Grand Cherokee DUB edition
2006 Grand Cherokee SRT-8
2006 Mega cab ("Leep" edition)
2005 Viper ACR coupe
200x Viper competition coupe
2006 Wrangler AEV edition

2007 Caliber Rallye concept


2006 Charger R/T by Performance West


2006 Charger R/T


2006 300C Royale Edition with custom Santini paint


2006 300C custom SRT-8


2006 Dodge Magnums


2005 Dodge Viper ACR SRT-10 coupe / Competition coupe


1970 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 convertible

  • New 392 cubic inch HEMI engine
  • 510 HP and 510 Ft. Lb. torque
  • Block: same as 6.1L, different heads
  • 4.055 bore and 3.79 stroke


The new 392 C.I. engine is rumored be used in the upcoming 2009 Dodge Challenger

2005 Chrysler Firepower concept


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